Bicycle Registry Program

West Shore RCMP Detachment is pleased to offer the opportunity for residents in our communities to register their bicycles with us. In doing so, you will provide a means to track down any lost/stolen bicycles from the communities in the West Shore.

West Shore RCMP registration decal displayed on a mountain bike

Why register my bicycle?

Bicycles are stolen by opportunity seeking thieves. Bicycles are a quick, silent and effective way for prolific offenders to move around an area to commit crimes. Unlike a motor vehicle, there is no licence plate which may identify the owner of a bicycle.

In August 2015, West Shore RCMP found a cache of approximately 40 bicycles that were deemed to be stolen. Out of those 40 bikes, only 3 were returned to their rightful owner by retracing their serial numbers, states Cst. Alex Bérubé, spokesperson of the West Shore RCMP.

Not only will registration decals act as a deterrent for bicycle thieves, they provide police with crucial information to effectively investigate cases of found or stolen bicycles.

How do I register my bicycle?



How much does it cost to register my bicycle?


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