Community Policing Services

West Shore RCMP smart vehicle displaying community programs.

The West Shore Community Policing is providing the West Shore Communities with information on effective ways to prevent and reduce crime by reducing risk factors before crime happens. Community Policing Section works closely with partners and stakeholders in the West Shore Communities to develop and implement programs that target specific areas of concern.

The West Shore RCMP Community Policing Services are responsible to look after the following programs:


Restorative Justice

Restorative Justice Program provides an alternative to sending people to court. The offender, victim and support people meet face-to-face in a controlled environment with an accredited facilitator. The goal is to "restore" the relationship between the offender and the victim, to fix the damage that has been done and to prevent further harm.

Restorative Justice Forums are included in the Youth Criminal Justice Act of Canada and supported by the RCMP. Suitable candidates for Restorative Justice are people who have made poor decisions and could be charged for a minor offence or offence that has violated others rights. The candidate who may be a youth or adult must be willing to acknowledge their guilt and take full responsibility for their behavior. The process is voluntary. If you are interested in learning more about the Restorative Justice Program or volunteering please contact the West Shore RCMP Community Services Section at (250) 391-3367.

Greater Victoria Police Victim Services

Greater Victoria Police Victim Services provides victims of crime and trauma with information and emotional support in a confidential setting. Referrals to other agencies and services as well as orientation and support through the court process is also provided. Assistance completing Crime Victim Assistance applications & Victim Impact Statements is also offered. For more information on GVPVS or if you are interested in volunteering please visit their website at


W.I.T.S. Program

The W.I.T.S program is designed to give younger children Grade K to Grade Five the information they need to make safe and positive choices when faced with situations involving threats, violence or aggressive behavior. It is important children are taught as young as possible the best way to deal with situations that could grow violent. Students will learn to "Walk away and tell an adult, Ignore and tell an adult, Talk it out and tell an adult, and Seek help", if they are confronted with an aggressive situation. The program is brought into participating schools several times each year by West Shore RCMP Police Officers. For more information please visit

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