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West Shore RCMP Detachment is located on the southern tip of Vancouver Island, in the City of Langford, a western suburb of Victoria, British Columbia. The West Shore Detachment is responsible for policing five municipalities and two First Nation communities. The approximate population of the Western Shore area is 78,000 and growing. It is estimated that by 2026 the population of this area will double. The communities served by the West Shore Detachment are expanding faster than any other area in Greater Victoria, both residentially and commercially.

The Communities of West Shore Detachment are:

Message from the Officer in Charge:

I am very excited to be a part of the West Shore Detachment. Coming from a family heavily entrenched in serving Canadians through policing, I understand the dynamic role that the police play within the community. I believe in progressive policing and leadership.

Community input is key to developing the best policing strategy for the West Shore detachment. To that end, community engagement is a priority for us here at the West Shore detachment. I want community members to feel comfortable in approaching the police to share their concerns. Being out there and being visible is the first step to achieving this. You may see our officers parked in various communities following up on their investigations or engaging with community members.

As we continue to build relationships with the community leaders, whether it be Mayor and Council or Chief and Councillors, it is important to have open dialogue so that we can work together to keep our community safe. Treating everyone with dignity and respect is key in being able to provide equal service to all communities in the West Shore.

The West Shore area is the fastest growing community on Vancouver Island and emergency services like the RCMP need to be a part of this growth. We must be forward thinking and anticipate the needs of the communities we serve. I am continually examining our policing resources. As the community grows, so will the detachment. A part of my job is to ensure that we have ample resources for police officers and support staff as well as the internal infrastructure required to house them.

The management team at the West Shore RCMP detachment is committed to ensuring that our officers are meeting the needs of the public we serve and to do that, we have examined what changes we can implement. Some of the recent changes at the West Shore detachment include renovating the building to better suit the needs of the employees which will help to ensure that officers and staff have what they need to perform and excel at their jobs.

The demands of being a police officer undoubtedly affects one both personally and professionally. We recognize this and are looking at how we can foster an internal environment where our officers can take some time to de-stress while on duty. We have introduced a mental health room; a dedicated space within the detachment where an officer or support staff member can go and take some time to reflect on your experience and access information regarding emotional and psychological support services offered by the RCMP. Mental health does not discriminate. It is imperative for our employees to know that we respect and understand this and that they are not alone.

I am proud of the hardworking employees of the West Shore RCMP. I look forward to leading this detachment in the years to come.


Superintendent Todd Preston
Officer in Charge
West Shore RCMP

Officer in Charge, Todd Preston

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