Front Counter

The front counter at the Ridge-Meadows Detachment is staffed by two full-time employees. Staff are available at 604-463-6251 between the hours of 8:00 am - 6:45 pm Monday to Friday. Closed weekends and statutory holidays.

NOTE: If your business request requires more time than is remaining within our customer service hours, you may need to attend the next business day.

Some of the services offered at the front counter include the following, 

Police Information Check

The applicant must reside in Maple Ridge and Pitt Meadows, attend in person, and present two pieces of picture identification. Applicants will be contacted to attend the office to pick up the Police Information Check once it is completed. Please refer to the fee schedule for current costs... read more

Police Certificate

This certificate is available for visa application, foreign travel, and foreign work permits and is only issued after a search is conducted of the national repository for criminal records in Canada. (Note: The criminal check is not verified by fingerprints.) The applicant cannot have a criminal record, must attend in person for this service, and must present picture identification. The processing time is usually a couple of working days... read more


There are a variety of reasons for having fingerprints taken such as:

The original Security Licence Application fingerprint form is retained and forwarded by the local police to Victoria.

Immigration fingerprints are generally required for each country where the applicant has lived for more than six months during the last 10 years. Up to four original sets of prints will be printed for the current listed fee. The applicant retains the original form(s) for the immigration package.

The U.S. Waiver package is available at the U.S. border crossings for individuals who have a criminal record and wish to apply to enter or work in the United States. The applicant is fingerprinted by his/her local police detachment. The applicant will retain the original fingerprint form to return with the U.S. Waiver package... read more

Firearm Disposal or Relinquishment 

Owners who no longer want to keep firearms can dispose of them either by selling or transferring the firearms to a valid license holder in accordance with the Firearms Act, or may turn the unwanted firearms over to the Ridge Meadows RCMP for disposal.

Those owners who need to dispose of their unwanted firearms may call the Ridge Meadows RCMP at 604-463-6251 for assistance. You can also go to our national Website that explains more about firearms disposal here.

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