Service Delivery Model

The Ridge Meadows RCMP service delivery model is focused on crime reduction. Three fundamental policing philosophies remain the cornerstones of our policing operations and approach:

Community Policing

Community Policing is deeply rooted in the belief that communities themselves play an integral role in the identification of community policing needs and should also be active partners in the delivery of many police services, from crime prevention and education to investigation, enforcement, and victim support. This client-centered approach involves working collaboratively in and with communities at all levels to systematically identify and respond to the issues and social needs that underlie many community crime problems (i.e., causal factors).

Intelligence Led Policing

Intelligence Led Policing acknowledges that research, analysis, and evidence-based decision-making are critical to effective and efficient policing and that reliable and timely crime analysis should be a fundamental driver in the mobilization of both police and community resources (i.e. enforcement, investigation and prevention measures pro-actively targeting habitual offenders, high crime areas, and crime causation factors).

Integrated Policing

Integrated Policing recognizes that success in crime reduction is contingent on our ability to coalesce otherwise divergent organizations, mandates and operations in an inclusive, yet seamlessly integrated approach to a police services delivery that remains flexible and responsive (i.e. rapidly deploy able).

The below chart  shows that Community Policing links to Crime Reduction which is linked to Intelligence Led Policing and integrated Policing.

Chart of Intergrated Policing showing Crime reduction and Intelligence Led Policing

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