Creston RCMP execute series of search warrants

Creston, Emergency Response Team

2024-01-18 10:29 PST

File # 2024-59

From December 20th, 2023 through January 12th, 2024 the Creston RCMP carried out the execution of multiple Search Warrants and high-risk arrests in support of a local prolific offender management project and as part of targeted investigations against individuals known to be committing criminal offences in the Creston Valley. The search warrants were executed at multiple locations including addresses on; Ash Street, HWY 3 / HWY 3A, Canyon-Lister Rd and Leadville Forest Service Rd.

Through investigative efforts, Creston RCMP were authorized to search these properties for a variety of items inclusive of; firearms, prohibited weapons, illicit drugs, evidence of drug trafficking and stolen property. Multiple arrests were made as a result of this project, with many of the subjects facing numerous potential charges once all investigative reporting has been reviewed by the Public Prosecution Service.

Due to the inherent risks associated with search warrant executions of this nature, the Southeast District Emergency Response and Containment Teams were utilized to carry out the operations. These teams bring special levels of skill along with advanced technical equipment that drastically improves the safety of the public, the Police and the subjects of the warrants, stated S/Sgt. Brandon Buliziuk, Creston RCMP Commander.

No members of the public, police, or suspects were harmed during the execution of the multiple Search Warrants.

This is a testament to the thorough investigations conducted by our officers, as well as the meticulous operations planning by the leaders of our Emergency Response and Containment Teams, says S/Sgt. Buliziuk.

As has been made clear to us in the past and present, the good people of the Creston Valley have no tolerance for people coming to this area to traffic in illicit drugs, target our most vulnerable, and conduct their business in ways dangerous to the public by using illegally obtained and prohibited firearms. We will continue to address these offenders with the highest level of service and will reinforce that they are not welcome conducting this business in the Creston Valley, stated S/Sgt Buliziuk.

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Detachment Commander
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