Lillooet RCMP August 31 to September 17 2023, Calls for service: 146


2023-09-18 00:41 PDT

Assault with weapon

On September 1, 2023 a caller reported a man was trying to break into there house after being kicked out for fighting. Lillooet RCMP attended and were informed the man had fought with another man hitting him with a guitar and damaging a door. Statements were obtained, the suspect was located near town and arrested. Through further investigation it was learned the suspect was close friends with the residents, days later the victim/parties no longer wished to proceed further and were back on good terms with the suspect and he was to pay for the damaged door.


On September 1, 2023 a local hotel owner reported a disturbance in one of his rooms. Police attended and learned that two young men were verbally arguing over a mutual friend/girlfriend causing a disturbance for other guests. One of the men had bit the other man’s hand, there was a consensual physical altercation, no charges were sought. The injured man was given a ride to the hospital. Lillooet RCMP spoke with all parties and informed them they were not welcome at the hotel as per the owner, after they collected their items.


On September 2, 2023 a man reported he had returned to his Bralorne property after evacuation order was lifted, and discovered his scaffolding was missing. He called back advising he had located it on his property. The man later informed police he had learned locals had used the scaffolding temporarily for wildfire prevention in the community, they did not have a chance to inform him, he had no further wishes from police.

Civil matter

On September 5, 2023 a man reported a vehicle he owned was stolen and seen in town. It was learned through police action and police database queries that the vehicle was owned and operated jointly with the man’s ex partner, who had possession of the vehicle at the time, they had recently separated. There was no further police action, the matter was civil in nature.


On September 5, 2023 an elderly woman attended the Lillooet RCMP detachment and reported she had been scammed of money. An unknown person on Facebook messenger posed as her friend and asked her for money, she mailed $1200 in the mail to Manitoba at the request of her believed to be friend. The money was stopped before delivery after Canada Post was contacted. She also had sent photos of the front and back of prepaid VISA/Apple cards to the Facebook account. She had since spoken to her real friend over the phone in the USA. The incident was referred to the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre.

To learn more about the red flags to watch for in the most common types of scams, please visit sites such as the BC RCMP Frauds and Scams, Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre, or the Competition Bureau where you may obtain a copy of the very helpful Little Black Book of Scams.

Burnt vehicle

On September 10, 2023 at 0449am, the Lillooet Fire department informed Lillooet RCMP a vehicle was on fire at the Cayoosh break check point pullout on Hwy 99 South. The vehicle had all identification numbers burnt off. The fire department put out the fire. The police file is still under investigation. Anyone with information regarding this incident is asked to contact Lillooet RCMP, please reference Lillooet RCMP file 2023-2015.

Yelling at Downton Park

On September 11, 2023 Lillooet RCMP received a report of a man yelling at people and possibly waving a handgun. Lillooet RCMP attended, the man was located and spoken to, there was no signs of any weapons, his right arm however was in a cast. Other park users were spoken to and there were no weapons seen. The area was canvassed, no weapons seen. There were no further concerns.

Mental Health Act

On September 8, 2023 Lillooet RCMP were notified by Stl’Atl’lmx Tribal police that a woman was located by one of there members near the train tracks, she had been suicidal, she voluntarily took herself to the hospital without issue. Lillooet RCMP attended the hospital and spoke with the woman. The woman self admitted to the hospital and knew she needed help and was in the right place for applicable resources. There was no further police involvement.

Impaired operation of motor vehicle

On September 17, 2023 Lillooet RCMP received a report of a female hunched over in the driver seat of a blue jeep on Hunt rd. Lillooet RCMP member attended and observed the woman seated in the driver seat, the vehicle was stationary but the engine was running, there was an odour of alcohol on her breath. The woman was given a breath demand and provided a suitable sample into an approved screening device which gave a fail reading. The woman was served a notice of driving prohibition and the vehicle was towed. The matter was referred to ICBC.

View of seton lake facing Lillooet.

View of Seton Lake facing Lillooet. 

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