This Public Interest Notification is made under the Privacy Act of Canada


2024-04-04 13:00 PDT

Michal Popek

Photo of Michal Popek

Surrey RCMP has issued a public interest notification under the Privacy Act of Canada regarding a dangerous sex offender residing in the community of Surrey.

Popek, 44, has received a One Chance Statutory Release ahead of his sentence’s completion in December 2025, after which he will be subject to a 10-year Long Term Supervision Order.

In 2020, Popek was convicted of sexually assaulting four women from 2015-2016 and poses a risk to adolescent girls and adult women, including strangers.

He is bound by the terms of his release, which include, in part, the following conditions:

Further, the Surrey RCMP will be working in partnership with the Correctional Service of Canada, Community Corrections and other stakeholders to monitor Michal Popek via traditional police methods as well as electronic monitoring.

Anyone who sees or knows of Michal Popek violating any of these conditions is asked to call 9-1-1 immediately.

For media inquiries contact:
Cpl. James Mason
Surrey RCMP Media Relations Unit
Office: 604-599-7776

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