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2024-03-20 07:19 HAP

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Sunshine Coast RCMP hopes to prevent residents from falling victim to the gift card scam.

The RCMP is continuing to receive reports from local residents being contacted by scammers claiming to be with their financial institution, Canada Revenue Agency, the police and/or a family member in trouble. The scammers tell the victim that their accounts have been compromised, they owe taxes or family needs help. In order to settle the issue, the scammer requests the victim purchase a certain amount of gift cards. Once the victim complies, they’re asked for the 10-digit codes on the back of the cards, which the scammer can then use.

The RCMP wants to remind residents that legitimate companies will never ask you to settle a debt or pay a bill through the purchase of gift cards. If you, or someone you know, are contacted by a person asking for money, you’re encouraged to simply hang-up and report it to your local RCMP.

There is no end to the creativity fraudsters will use to get access to your money.

This week a local resident thought they were signing up with a trading company. After providing their banking information, they lost over $72, 000. to the fraudulent company.

A Halfmoon Bay resident received a call that they had won a $25million dollars and a new car, but just needed to pay the taxes.  The resident sent a $500 Visa gift card and also mailed a cheque for $50,000 to the fraudsters.  

A Gibsons resident received a call from a male claiming to work for a bitcoin trading company and was able to convince the victim to e-transfer $3,000. and received nothing in return.

A Sechelt resident had received a letters and phone calls that they had won the "Canadian Sweepstakes draw" and had been mailing the fraudsters cheques thinking the money was for the IRA and CRA to cover taxes for the $750,000 prize.  The victims have lost close to $500,000.

Anytime money is involved, don't feel pressured to make quick decisions.  Consult a trusted family member, your bank or the police before you give anyone access to your accounts or send money.

To learn more about this and other common scams, and how to protect yourself from falling victim, please visit sites such as The Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre 

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