Proactive police presence on the Sunshine Coast

Sunshine Coast,
Patrouille Routière de la C.-B.,
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2023-04-25 11:19 HAP

The Sunshine Coast has had an increase in police presence in the last couple weeks. We acknowledge there has been a lot of public interest in what has been occurring recently. The Sunshine Coast RCMP will always have public safety as our first and foremost priority and immediately update the public should there be a public safety risk.

The Sunshine Coast RCMP can provide the following updates on what has been occurring recently on the Sunshine Coast.

Last week the Integrated Road Safety Unit (IRSU), the BC Highway Patrol (BCHP), and Sunshine Coast RCMP partnered to proactively create a targeted traffic enforcement using Automatic License Plate Recognition (ALPR) looking for specific infractions including: prohibited drivers, no insurance, and no drivers licence. Among the several vehicles police interacted with, there were 4 prohibited drivers and 1 suspended driver and several Violation Tickets were served under the Motor Vehicle Act.

This week The Emergency Response Team (ERT) has been on the Sunshine Coast for an ongoing investigation in the Madeira Park area. ERT additionally responded late last night to a report of an armed and barricaded individual in Gibsons. ERT utilized and deployed noise making devices which can be mistaken for gunfire. Sunshine Coast would like to reassure there were no shots fired and there is no risk to the public.

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