RCMP 150 - A Message from Richmond RCMP’s Officer-In-Charge


2023-05-23 08:04 PDT

On May 23rd, Canada’s national police force marks 150 years of service.

Today, the Officer-In-Charge of Richmond RCMP, Chief Superintendent Dave Chauhan, released a video message outlining how the RCMP’s long history, together with the RCMP’s Vision 150 Plan will affect policing operations in Richmond for the foreseeable future.  



Time denoted 00:00:0000 = hr:min:sec
DV: = Described Video
A: = sounds and music on video
V: = Voice speaking on video
T: = text on video


00:00:00 to 00:00:28
DV: An officer in red tunic and blue and yellow hat is shown from chest up. He is shown on a blue background with a logo in upper right corner of the screen with the depiction 150 RCMP-GRC 1873-2023.
A: piano music faintly in the background
V: The officer says, This year marks 150 years since the creation of Canada’s national police force.
Established by an act of parliament on May 23rd, 1873, Canada’s first national police force was created for the preservation of peace and the prevention of crime.
Originally called the North West Mounted Police, the force evolved over the years, becoming what we now know today as the Royal Canadian Mounted Police in 1920.

00:00:29 to 00:01:11
DV: Picture dissolves and begins to show a collage of red and white photos, then colour photos, depicting RCMP officers on a canvas-like background
A: Piano music continues faintly in the background
V: The officer continues to speak saying, We are an organization of dedicated people, proud of our accomplishments - rich in history, tradition and culture - and we continue to evolve. We acknowledge the mistakes of our past, and are using them to drive positive change for the future. Today, with its Vision 150 Plan, the RCMP makes a new pledge to become a more modern, inclusive and healthy organization - one that builds trust and confidence. And we pledge to do all this while continuing to fulfill our primary mandate of keeping people safe.

00:01:12 to 00:01:18
DV: the officer returns to view, now wearing a white shirt without a hat. He is on a white and red background with the logo in upper right corner of the screen with the depiction 150 RCMP-GRC 1873-2023.
A: Piano music continues faintly in the background
V: The officer says Locally, Richmond RCMP strives to make Richmond the safest city in Canada.

00:01:19 to 00:01:41
DV: A changing collage appears on screen behind the man. It depicts Richmond RMCP officers in various roles. The collage first appears in 4 quadrants then focuses into one photo at a time, before disappearing from screen.
A: Piano music continues faintly in the background
V: the officer continues saying We aim to achieve this goal by continuing to work with our community partners as we focus on people, promoting public safety and targeted enforcement. With 150 years of experience behind us, and the Vision 150 Plan as a guide to building trust and confidence in our efforts, we look forward to the future as we continue to serve the people of Richmond.

00:01:42 to 00:01:43
DV: Black screen with text and RCMP crest.
T: Royal Canadian Mounted Police, Gendarmerie royale du Canada, Copyright His Majesty the King in Right of Canada, as represented by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, 2022.

00:01:44 to 00:01:45
DV: Government of Canada logo appears then fades to black
T: Canada
A: music fades out

00:01:46 END.

[end of transcript]


Released by

Cpl. Ian Henderson
Media Relations Officer
Richmond RCMP
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Website: richmond.rcmp-grc.gc.ca

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