RCMP Community Connection for the week of January 29 – February 4


2024-02-12 11:36 HNP

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Welcome to the Mission RCMP Community Connection for the week of January 29 – February 4, 2024

Here’s a snapshot of some of the work we did that week:

Calls of interest:

Photo of wire insulation discarded in forest

Click here for large photo of wire insulation discarded in forest

A resident was walking through his property in the area of Townshipline Avenue and Clay Street, when he noticed a large amount of insulation that had been stripped from lengths of wire. A security safe had also been discarded in the area. Officers attended and saw that the area appeared to have been used as a dumping ground for wire thieves, whom had stripped the outer jacket from a considerable amount of stolen electrical conduit. Anyone with information about wire theft in the region is asked to call Mission RCMP.

A male entered a fast food restaurant near the intersection of Lougheed Highway and the Cedar Valley Connector around 9:40 pm on February 2. The man walked behind the counter, used a metal rod to pry open the cash registers, and threatened staff, saying he had a gun – although no gun was seen. After getting a quantity of cash and running out the door, employees called police. Mission RCMP used the assistance of a police dog to locate the man nearby. The man initially ran from police, but eventually stopped and was taken into custody without further incident. Officers recovered the money stolen from the restaurant, located a number of credit cards in other peoples’ names, and determined he had outstanding warrants from both the Mission and North Cowichan detachments. He is now facing numerous charges, including robbery and uttering threats.

A road rage incident occurred on the afternoon of January 30. The driver of a large pickup truck driving eastbound on Lougheed Highway from Silverdale was reportedly speeding and cut off a second driver, who then flashed his high beams at him, causing the first driver to prominently display his middle finger. The second driver then followed the truck until it stopped outside a business in Mission, when he took the opportunity to enquire about what the pickup driver’s problem was. The pickup driver responded by using some choice words, then he removed a canister of bear spray from his vehicle. Fortunately, the second driver took that opportunity to drive away and call police. Motorists who find themselves in such a situation are encouraged to take a deep breath and avoid confrontation. Call police if needed, but please avoid any of the following: yelling out your window, gesturing out your window, excessive use of your high beams, excessive use of your horn, belting out expletives, tailgating, brake-checking, coal-rolling, giving the stink eye, the crook eye, or the evil eye. Go home and just leave it alone. You never know how the other driver is going to react.

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