Burnaby RCMP seeks witnesses after indecent act at Burnaby’s Central Park


2023-07-13 15:19 HAP

Dossier nº 2023-23738

Burnaby RCMP is looking for additional witnesses who may be able to identify a man after he exposed himself to a woman at Burnaby’s Central Park.

The incident occurred at approximately 3:45 p.m., Tuesday, July 11, 2023. Burnaby RCMP Bike Section officers were proactively patrolling the west side of Central Park when they were flagged down by the victim, who stated a man had just approached her and exposed himself to her.

The victim stated that the unknown man said hi and hello while staring at her before he lowered his pants and exposed himself. The man then walked away.

The Bike Section conducted extensive patrols in and around the area, however, the man was not located.

The man is described as:

The man was carrying a big black backpack with yellow components.

We would like the public to be aware of this incident and to report any similar occurrences to police, said Cpl. Mike Kalanj with the Burnaby RCMP. We would also like to commend the victim for reporting this to us as soon as she could. Burnaby RCMP officers have been conducting extra patrols in the Central Park area since the incident and will continue to do so.

Burnaby RCMP would also like to remind the public that there are several City of Burnaby Emergency Call Boxes spread throughout the park.

These call boxes are in the following locations:

Burnaby RCMP is asking anyone who may be able to identify the suspect to contact Burnaby RMCP at 604-646-9999 and quote file 23-23738.

A member of Burnaby's Bike section rides a bike on a trail through Central Park while wearing a reflective uniform vest during extra patrols on Wednesday, July 13,2023

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