Programs and Services

The Sunshine Coast RCMP offers the following areas of service:


This area includes the Detachment Commander, the Operations Non-Commissioned Officer (NCO), and the General Investigation Commander. These positions and all other RCMP officers are supported by 10 support staff comprised of both Public Service and Municipal employees.  The responsibilities of this group go beyond the daily administration of the detachment and include working in the areas of quality assurance, strategic planning, corporate planning and liaison with the community.

Community Policing

In partnership with our communities, our General Duty members work to identify and solve problems to prevent and reduce crime and the fear of crime.  The core functions are enforcement, prevention, education, intelligence and investigation.

The Sunshine Coast RCMP provides the following community based programs and services. Click on the links below for more information

For more information about getting involved in the above programs, our Volunteer opportunities are listed here.  You can also call the Volunteer Coordinator at the Detachment, 604-885-2266 for more information.

Auxiliary Constable Program

The purpose of the Auxiliary Constable program is to strengthen community and Police partnerships by providing volunteers with the opportunity to perform authorized activities in support of strategies to address the causes of, or reduce the fear of, crime and disorder.

Auxiliary Constables are uniformed volunteers under the command of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. The primary purpose of this program is to participate in community policing activities throughout the Sunshine Coast relating to public safety and crime prevention. Auxiliary Constables participate in community policing programs and patrol with police officers in a support role.

Bike and Foot Patrol Programs

RCMP General Duty members conduct Bike and Foot Patrols in the community with the objective to:

Citizens on Patrol

This program works with volunteers to monitor areas where the community is requesting more patrolling and where history shows crime to be likely to occur. We have three dedicated Citizens on Patrol groups based in Gibsons, Sechelt & Halfmoon Bay.

Volunteers are paired up with one another, and patrol in their own vehicles looking for any criminal activity, with the goal of observing and reporting crime in progress to on duty police officers. The volunteers receive training on what to look for, particularly implicit signs that a crime may be about to occur.

Coastal Watch

We are currently in the process of setting up a Coastal Watch Program on the Sunshine Coast. The Coastal Watch Program was established by the RCMP to assist in the identification of persons, vessels, vehicles and aircraft that may constitute a threat to Canada’s national security, or that are involved in illegal activities such as drug importation. Law enforcement needs more eyes and ears, this Coastal Watch program is an avenue to encourage members of the public to report, on a confidential basis, any activity that appears suspicious. Click here for more information on Coastal Watch.

Realty Watch

Realty Watch is a crime prevention program whose mission is to reduce and prevent crime by assisting police in time-critical situations. Realty Watch Program is a co-operative effort between police and the real estate industry.

Restorative Justice

The Community Justice Program of the Sunshine Coast (also known as Restorative Justice) is dedicated to offering an alternative method of justice to the traditional court system by promoting the use of restorative practices in dealing with minor offences involving youth.  Our goal is to maximize social justice for victims, offenders and the community and to minimize further harm caused by the offending behaviour.  Results show that offenders participating in restorative practices are less likely to re-offend, building stronger, safer communities.

For additional information on our Restorative Justice Program see the Restorative Justice section of this web site.

Speed Watch

Speed Watch is a police-based volunteer program designed to help reduce speed-related crashes by making drivers more aware of the actual speeds they are traveling.

Volunteers, trained by the police and ICBC, use portable radar equipment and an electronic digital board to monitor speeds in neighborhoods where local residents have reported incidents of unsafe speed to the police. Often these are school and playground zones. Drivers get instant feedback, as their speed is displayed on the reader board as they pass by. The volunteers keep records and return these to the police to help with enforcement planning.

First Nations Community Policing

The Sunshine Coast First Nations Community Policing Section has two full time officers dedicated to serving the Shíshálh First Nation Community - These First Nations Community Police Officers dedicate their time and efforts to ensuring safe homes and safe communities within the First Nations population on the Sunshine Coast.

General Duty

Our front-line emergency response police service operates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, and involves all aspects of preventative and investigative police work. The General Duty Officers are the first responders to all calls for service to the community and work on a 4 Watch System with 1 Corporal and 6 Constables, for a total of 22 General Duty members.

Their primary mandate after call response is to conduct follow-up investigations and participate in Crime Reduction and Crime Prevention activities as well as enforcement of Federal, Provincial and some Municipal Statutes to keep you and your family safe and secure.

Members take great pride in the job they do for the Sunshine Coast and look forward to serving you in a friendly, professional and respectful manner.

Serious Crime Unit

Staffed by one Sergeant, one Corporal and three Constables, the Sunshine Coast's General Investigation Section is responsible for investigations of a serious nature and are likely to require further time and expertise to investigate. Examples of long term investigations may include Attempt Murder, Armed Robberies, Serious Assaults causing Bodily Injury, Home Invasions, Sexual Assaults, Missing Persons where foul play cannot be ruled out, and multi jurisdictional economic crimes. 

Traffic Section

Traffic Services at the Sunshine Coast RCMP Detachment is committed to facilitating community safety. The four main goals are to raise public awareness of road safety issues, improve communication, cooperation and collaboration among road safety agencies, toughen enforcement measures and improve national road safety data collection and quality. We currently have two Traffic Services Officers operating under the Sea-to-Sky Traffic Services section stationed at our detachment.

Victim Services

Sunshine Coast RCMP detachment has a very dedicated Victim Services team who provide information, emotional support, referrals and practical assistance to victims and witnesses of crime and other traumatic events.  Our Victim Services two volunteers, led by a full time coordinator, donated almost 1,700 hours of service to Sunshine Coast residents.

Services are tailored to meet the needs of each client.  Program staff strive to minimize the long term impact of crime and trauma through thoughtful and empathetic means and to prevent re-victimization by enhancing the victims understanding of police and court procedures.

Our staff and volunteers are familiar with the various agencies in the community that are available to meet your specific needs and can make referrals to many community services.

For additional information or assistance see our Victim Services section of this web site or contact the detachment directly at 604-885-2266.  

After hours assistance:    Victim Link (24 hours) 1-800-563-0808

Youth Intervention Officer

The Sunshine Coast has a full time officer dedicated to youth issues with a focus on building relationships, education and prevention. This officer liaises with schools, youth programs and our community centres. The Youth Detail officer also delivers educational presentations on bullying, internet safety and drug education for parents.

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