Traffic early September

Salmon Arm

2023-09-11 13:39 PDT

Since the beginning of September the Salmon Arm RCMP have been busy out there on our roads.
Some Highlights:

On September 1, 2023 just after 10:00pm a driver had his vehicle impounded in Canoe. The driver had recently left a liquor establishment and was showing signs of impairment. The driver refused to comply with a roadside screening device breath demand made by a patrolling officer. The driver received a 90 day prohibition from driving and ticket as the vehicle he was operating had no valid insurance.

On September 2, 2023 a BC driver was ticketed and the vehicle the driver was operating was impounded for excessive speed and passing on a double solid line on the highway. The speed in the 90 zone was determined to be 165km/hr.

On September 2, 2023 another vehicle was impounded for Excessive speed at 2:14 am. The vehicle was traveling in excess of 100km/hr on approach to the downtown area of Salmon Arm which is a 50km/hr speed zone.

School zones are now in effect and children are out there! The school zone speed zones will be a focus of our local RCMP officers. Please slow to the 30km/hr speed limit in these areas.


Excessive speed fines range from $368 to $483 and impoundment of vehicle and payment of towing/storage charges.

Speed in School Zone fines start at $196 and range up to $483 if excessive speed and vehicle impoundment.

Despite the fines please slow down! A child's safety is being placed at risk!

S/Sgt. Scott West, NCO i/c Salmon Arm RCMP

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