Lillooet RCMP July 20 to August 14 2023, Calls for service: 244


2023-08-15 12:13 PDT

Evacuation order expansion

On July 21, 2023 Lillooet RCMP were informed the Casper Creek Wildfire had spread closer to the Seton Portage community, subsequently an additional evacuation order was sent to police to be executed the following morning. Lillooet RCMP, Pemberton Search and Rescue, and Lillooet Road Rescue attended Seton Portage and served the evacuation notice to residents, a majority of the residents had evacuated. A further evacuation was done in the community of Shalath for extra precautions. Evacuees were provided information on resources/accommodations. The evacuation order has since been rescinded. Please visit Emergency Info BC for up to date wildfire information in the province of B.C.

Dogs inside a vehicle

On July 21, 2023 Lillooet RCMP were notified of two dogs inside a vehicle near the Main st area. Lillooet RCMP attended and spoke with the owner who had already taken his dogs out, he advised they had water and were being checked every 15 minutes.

Fawn reconnected with mother

On July 22, 2023 a local resident reported a fawn (baby deer) was enclosed in his neighbour’s property for the last day and a half. Lillooet RCMP attended and observed the fawn trapped in a large wood enclosure trying to get out. The RCMP member directed the fawn into another area through an opening and eventually directed the fawn out of the fenced in space, connecting the fawn back to its mother.

Check well being

On July 23, 2023 a father requested a check on the well being of his 6-year-old son who lived with his mother. The father was concerned for the child as he believed the mother was getting back in to partying/drug use. Lillooet RCMP attended the residence of the child, the house was well kept, there were no signs of substance use. The report was subsequently relayed to the Ministry of Children and Families.

Attempted theft

On July 26, 2023 a local liquor store reported a woman attempted stealing two bottles of liquor. One bottle was recovered and the other had fallen and broke. The owner was only interested in being reimbursed, he knew who the woman was. Lillooet RCMP spoke with the woman who agreed to pay back the store the following week.

Theft of bicycle

On July 27, 2023 Lillooet RCMP received a report a bicycle was stolen from the back of the owner’s vehicle which was parked in a parking lot at 1237 Main st. The bicycle was described as a navy blue 2018 Norco Optic C2 with a serial number of APT1730331. Anyone with information regarding this incident is asked to contact Lillooet RCMP, please reference Lillooet RCMP file 2023-1602.

Theft of jade

On July 27, 2023 District of Lillooet employee reported someone had stolen a jade display rock from the East Lillooet Memorial Garden located off of Hwy 12. Anyone with information regarding this incident is asked to contact Lillooet RCMP, please reference Lillooet RCMP file 2023-1604.

Missing son located

On July 31, 2023 two parents reported they did not know where there 30 year old son was, The son was staying with his parents until they confronted him about his alcohol consumption, following the conversation he left. The parents were concerned their son may have had thoughts of self harm. Lillooet RCMP located the male the next day by Marshal Lake, he was well and advised he was fishing. The parents were advised he was well. 

Assault with weapon

On August 3, 2023 Lillooet RCMP received a report from a man who stated another man tried to cut him with a knife after a road rage incident. Lillooet RCMP obtained statements and an arrest was made. The investigation is still on going.


On August 11, 2023 a caller reported a man was throwing rocks at the windows of a local business. Lillooet RCMP attended and the suspect was located, he had also smashed a vacuum cleaner. The man stated he had just found out his mother and his good friend had just died, he wished to apologize to the store owner. The store owner did not wish to press charges, but the man was no longer welcome there.

Impaired operation of motor vehicle

On August 14, 2023 Lillooet RCMP member observed an erratic driver while patrolling. The driver was well known to police, a traffic stop was conducted and the driver was given a breath demand. The driver blew a fail on the approved screening device and was subsequently prohibited from driving, the vehicle was impounded for 30 days. The matter was referred to ICBC.

Hay bale truck on fire

On August 14, 2023 Lillooet RCMP received a report of a hay bale truck on fire on Hwy 99 near Seton Lake. Traffic was stopped and temporarily diverted through Seton Lake parking lot. Lillooet Fire Department, BC wildfires, and Dawson Road Maintenance worked collaboratively to contain and extinguish the fire.

Picture from the East Lillooet Memorial Garden opening celebration. Pictured in the bottom left is the jade rock recently stolen (Lillooet RCMP file 2023-1604).

Pictured is the East Lillooet Memorial Garden opening celebration. In the bottom left of the picture is the jade rock recently stolen (Lillooet RCMP File 2023-1604).

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