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2023-05-03 15:44 PDT

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Two different facial angles of a suspect at one of the break-in locations. The suspect is a male with a black cap on backwards, wearing a high visibility vest. In the photo he is walking through a doorway.

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The Tk’emlups Rural RCMP Detachment is looking to identify suspects connected to a series of break-ins early Tuesday morning.

On May 2, 2023 police responded to three reports of break-ins in Kamloops, Savona, and Skeetchetsn. Each incident involved suspects wearing high visibility vests or jackets and investigators believe the occurrences could be related.

Images captured at one of the break-in locations. Two images: the left one is in colour and shows a person in a high visibility vest using a tool generating lots of sparks. The person’s face is not visible. The second image is in black and white and shows a person in a high visibility jacket bending forward with his back to the camera. A logo is on his left leg.

View larger image: images captured at one of the break-in locations.

We are releasing images captured at two of the locations in hopes that someone recognizes, or had recent dealings with anyone they think could be one of the suspects, said Corporal Crystal Evelyn, Kamloops RCMP spokesperson. Maybe you work at a business, even one out of town, and have surveillance video that captured people who could be these suspects – you never know what could help further the investigation.

The first incident occurred around 2:20 a.m. when a commercial location on the 7100-block of the Trans Canada Highway in Savona had its storage unit broken into and items stolen. Surveillance video captured an image of a man in a high visibility vest breaking into a storage unit.

A white crew cab pickup truck with a logo on the side.

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Just more than an hour later, around 3:30 a.m., a commercial location on the 6900-block of the Trans Canada Highway was hit. The suspects in that report were two males wearing high visibility jackets or vests, with the hoods up, and face masks on. A Hurley logo could be seen on the pant leg of one of the suspects. They are believed to have fled in a white or light quad cab pickup with stolen items, including cigarettes.

Several hours later, RCMP officers were called to assist CN Police with a break-in that occurred in one of its buildings overnight. What was taken from that location is still under investigation.

Anyone who has information related to these investigations, or who can help identify a suspect, is asked to please contact the Tk’emlúps RCMP Rural Detachment at 250-314-1800.

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