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Every two weeks Coquitlam RCMP investigators and staff come together for CompStat, a forum we use to review and analyze local crime data and make plans to address the people, places and issues that are compromising the safety of the neighbourhoods and citizens we serve.  

CompStat is the cornerstone of our Crime Reduction Strategy.  It combines data analysis, strategic problem solving and rigorous accountability to help our team reduce crime in our jurisdiction.  

Read more about the Crime Reduction Strategy.

If you want information from our most recent CompStat including what crime trends were identified, what we are doing about them in the next two weeks and how you and your community can help you have two options:

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The CompStat Maps show data collected over the previous 2 weeks. Our teams utilize this data to focus on crime reduction during the dates noted on each map.

Frequently Asked Questions 

What is CompStat?

The CompStat process is the cornerstone of Coquitlam RCMP's successful Crime Reduction Strategy (CRS).

Key to the process is a bi-weekly meeting where crime statistics, project updates and intelligence from the preceding two weeks are reviewed by a group of analysts and investigators. The focus of CompStat is to quickly identify crime trends and put concrete plans in place to address them.

At the end of each CompStat meeting, the team identifies areas recommended for patrols, which become the focus of increased patrols and street checks by members and volunteers over the subsequent two week period.

What is the Crime Reduction Strategy?

The CRS is an approach to policing and public safety that keeps the entire Coquitlam RCMP team focused on the people ("prolific" and "priority" offenders), places and issues ("root causes") that are having the most significant negative impact on public safety in our jurisdiction.

This means we spend a lot of time gathering intelligence, working with our partners in the community and conducting enforcement projects intended to identify and resolve the biggest public safety issues in our jurisdiction.

That's the simple answer, you can find out more about the CRS here.

What is a prolific offender?

Prolific offenders are the relatively small number of people that are involved in a disproportionate amount of crime and disorder. More on prolific offenders.

What can I do to make my neighbourhood safer?

We encourage residents and businesses to follow these three simple steps to help make their community safer:


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